利用者が曲を検索するとiTunes Storeから取得したキーワードに関連する曲が表示されます。そこからリクエストしたい音楽をプレイリストにドラッグ&ドロップすることで簡単にリクエストができる仕組みです。曲の試聴も可能なので、間違ったリクエストをされることもありません。








あまりセキュリティやデザインには詳しくないので、フレームワークを使用したり、様々なサイトのコピペで満載だったりする汚いコードですが、利用いただければ幸いです。[:en]The processing of music requests becomes a burden if there are a lot of requests from many people. Of course, We are glad that everyone is sending us an e-mail, but is not there a better way?

For this reason, Sound Street Radio has created a system that requests music.

SSR Studio (Screen Shot)

Try it first :https://studio.ssr990.com/

When a user searches for a song, the system displays songs related to keywords acquired from the iTunes Store. By dragging and dropping the music you want to request from the search result to the playlist, you can easily make a request. A song preview (about 30 seconds) is also possible, so the requester will not make a wrong request.

The total playing time of the requested music is also displayed in real time in the progress bar, and you can easily notify the upper limit of the request.

In addition, it has an upload function and you can request a song created by the listener himself.

When the request is sent, the administrator can view this playlist. If you need it, you can purchase songs from iTunes so you do not have to worry about songs that are not on sale. It is okay if the browser is closed without sending a request. If coordination with Google Analytics is set up, you can see what was searched.

I wanted to be used by everyone, so I made it possible to download this system open source. Please use at your own risk.

Download the app: https://github.com/magesusu/My-Show-Idea-Sender/archive/1.0-readme.zip

Source code:https://github.com/magesusu/My-Show-Idea-Sender/

I am not familiar with security and design. Therefore, it is a dirty code that uses a framework or copying and pasting various sites, but I hope you will be able to use it.[:]

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