Sound Street Radio (SSR) Is a Non-Profit Organization promoting DJ’s music and events via its online radio station: Genres include Pop, Rock, D&B, Reggae, Electronic, Country and New Music etc. Our aim is to continue developing this successful cross-cultural music platform for DJ’s musicians and their listeners to enjoy around the World. We are a rapidly expanding online radio station with broadcast studios based in four locations, two in Japan (Yamagata and Tokyo) and two in the UK (Birmingham and Surrey). 

Prior to Covid-19 SSR was gaining a fantastic reputation for promoting sell-out live music events. We intend to continue to develop this area as soon as it becomes possible to do so.

SSR is one of the first online radio stations to feature talented up and coming DJ’s and New Music. It remains at the forefront of play-listing quality music / artists / bands to its ever-expanding global audience, via regular Facebook/Instagram Live broadcasts and 30 popular streaming platforms. SSR began broadcasting and helping to break new talent back in early 2016.

Our team of enthusiastic and dedicated DJ / presenters regularly produce, present and play-list their own shows. Being a non-profit organization SSR is always on the look out for help to cover its running costs along with its future global expansion program. 

SSR provides a much needed platform for people struggling with mental and physical health issues to gain self-confidence and self-esteem, while helping them to fulfill their dreams of entering the music/media industries. We have approximately twelve independent DJ’s plus guests. So please support us so we can continue to help support our DJs, musicians and bands alike, by jumping on-board our soul-train and being part of what’s new and happening in music.


Locations in Japan & the U.K. where some of the SSR live shows are webcasted and recorded.

From Tokyo

The SSR’s webcasting Tokyo studio is where Steve records his live shows.

Cafe Michi is an Indoniesian style cafe based in Yamagata where DJ’s Tink and Daisuke record their live shows. 

Cafe Michi Yamagata
Cafe Michi
Moff Studios
Moff Studios

Moff studio is one of SSR’s webcasting studios in Yamagata where DJ Curry Rice records his live shows.

Island Peak Yamagata Japan
Island Peak

Island Peak is a Nepalese style cafe/bar based in Yamagata where DJ Toshi records his live shows.

The Cabin Studio UK
The Cabin Studio

The Cabin is SSR’s main webcasting studio in Birmingham and Surrey where the majority of our U.K. DJ’s record their live shows. Live events held at various locations and venues across the U.K. are also used to webcast and record shows.