A start up DJ Based in Tokyo. Sharing J-Pop and K-Pop, two of my musical passions 

DJ Toshi plays music of yesteryear and the good old days of Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues and Jazz. Together with the songs that other well known musicians inherited along the way, along with some News about Yamagata.


Aushen is a London-based DJ who hails from Lithuania. As a firm believer of the mantra “no neuro, no party”, you can expect her track selection to explore the darker, heavier corners of drum and bass through a mix of smooth blends and unrelenting double drops.

毎週木曜日にカフェ道から洋楽の新譜中心の番組を配信。 山形で初となるDJスクールの講師を務める。 プレイスタイルはHIPHOP,HOUSEミュージックを中心に幅広く操る選曲が定評を得ている。

ダイスケ。10代の頃からひたすらダンスに没頭。3度のメシよりダンス。 上手そうなダンサーがいると闘争心むき出しで我を忘れる生活を送る。 DJのきっかけはボスのSteveのライブの転換DJをしたのがきっかけ。 ダンス以外でも楽しいことがあるんだと知る。 気分型のDJ。

東京を拠点としBARを中心にDJ活動をしている。 R&Bを軸に様々なジャンルを独特の感性で織り交ぜPLAY!! 特に歌ものに定評がある。 現在はMonthly Mix KIM TIMEをストーリーミング配信サービス Mixcloudにて好評配信中! オリジナル楽曲もYouTubeに配信するなど現場活動以外にも勢力な活動を行なっている。

REDYBREK is a 21 Year old upcoming Drum & Bass DJ & Producer from Surrey that has been delivering full blown mixes of big new releases with the old school classics inspired from artists like Ed Rush & Optical, Foreign Concept, Unglued, Stakka, RAM Trilogy, Optiv and plenty more. Be sure to watch out for…Read more

山形県出身 2019年よりハワイに移住。現在は自身のMixcloudとSound Street Radioのメンバーとして「DJ Hidex Hawaii 808」を配信中。

Unwind with calming Liquid DnB from 3ELEVATA! He brings you a wide selection of Liquid Drum & Bass with the very best of the latest and unreleased tracks as well as those timeless classics. Having been DJing for over 3 years and supporting the likes of Hybrid Minds, LSB, Logistics, Deadline, Telomic and more he…Read more

My name is Dan AKA DJ Fyre from the London, UK. He loves mixing Drum and Bass as well as producing. Fyre has performed up and down the UK supporting artists such as Dimension, Sub Focus, Andy C and AMC to name a few, for bookings please email fyressr@gmail.com

Steve Benham is a musician, composer, producer and Media Consultant. Steve has spent most of his working life in the entertainment and media industries. Steve (Bo) Benham was a founder member of the successful late 70’s power-pop group The Pleasers. After which he set up his own record label and TV advertising production company. Steve…Read more

The Mike Rogers show brings you every week music you can’t hear anywhere else! Japanese underground to the USA to the UK and beyond. The show features the married couple, Mike & Yuka Rogers who have been happily married since the early seventeenth century. Yuka controls the money. Mike does what Yuka tells him to…Read more